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trainthebody's Journal


My interests:
13th warrior, 1940s and 1950s fashions, al franken, american history, american/french revolutions, ancient greece, animal welfare, ballet, ballet feminine aesthetic ideal, bare escentuals, beach volleyball, besame cosmetics, betsey johnson, bibliophilia, Bill Wenzel pin-ups, bliss spa, bohemianism, bombay dreams, bond fragrances, Boo bear, book collections, books, boston, bright colors, broadway musicals, cardiovascular endurance, caring for my cats, carlos ruiz zafon, Cle de Peau Beaute, collecting, color, cooked and raw octopus, corsets, cottages, cultural movements, D & G, danzones, dark beer (esp Newcastle and Killian's Red), dior, dita dita dita(!!!), dixiefried, egl, erasers, ethiopian food, exercise, exotic food, extreme heels, face stockholm, femininity, forensic shows, fragrance, french style, galliano, galicia and la coruna, gen mai cha, german products, ghost story anthologies, glamour, goofing off, gourmet grocers, green tea, Guerlain, haircare, half-moon manicures, halloween, heart rate training, henri bendel, high end cosmetics, higher education, highest grade tea, highly pigmented shadows, history, history of tea and tobacco, hoarding things, hojicha, i claudius, independent bookstores, internet, japan and japanese culture, japanese products, japanese street fashion/fruits, jasmine green tea, jet pens, john bellair's works, judaism, kanebo, kawaii, Kevyn Aucoin, kinokuniya bookstores, lancome, lay physics, learning, liberalism, libraries, lip service, lists, literature, looking for rare items, lung ching, mac cosmetics (of course), makeup, makeup artistry, mariage freres, massages, medieval european armour, medieval history and literature, metropolitan museum, microcosms/macrocosms, miso soup, mode merr, modern organic products, Molly moshers, mua, MUFE, mugler, my boyfriend, my friends, nars, natural history, neiman marcus, new england, new orleans, new york, nordstrom, npr, nutrition, organic foods, pampering, paradoxes, paranormal, Paula Begoun, pencil skirts, personal improvement, planning and organization, pointe shoes, poirot, pro-choice, quelques fleurs, rare teas, raw seafood, reading, reading about reading, red lipstick, refinement, requiem (andrew lloyd weber's), researching, saks, san-x, sanrio, science museums, sephora, Shecky's guides, Shiseido, shopping, shu :-), skincare, sleeping, sociology, SOHO, sophistication, sparkling wine/champagne, stop staring, strength training, studying, sushi, sushi at St. Mark's Place, talk radio, thai food, the historical jesus christ, the smithsonian museums, tofu, tokyo, travel, trying new things, underground clubs, university of south florida, vegetarianism, vivienne Westwood, vitamins, reproduction vintage jewelry, walking cliches, white tea, wiggle dresses, YSL Beaute, zookeeper, zwarovski, and wasting too much of my time on the internet

My dislikes:
fake, pretentious people,cruelty,selfishness and self-absorption,ignorance, self-righteousness, fur wearers, bad makeup, gold-diggers (and there's alot of them in Miami), excessive tans, bad hygiene, assymetrical haircuts, people from subcultures who swear that other people that look like them are copying them specifically and stealing their creativity, white shoes, anything neon except eyeshadow, and THE 80s

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